So Many Ends of the World

ART | 2009


Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Supercollider, Passive Polarized Stereo 3D Projection

So Many Ends of the World is a stereoscopic animation with stereo algorithmic sound designed for the C-Wall, a passive/active stereoscopic projection system.

In So Many Ends of the World, the viewer repeatedly encounters the form of an oblate spheroid; it is a planet, a star, a wandering orb. Initially, a shining orb appears, a traveler through space, passing near the viewer and then falling to the planet's surface. There the orb will appear in several forms, undergoing a grand metamorphosis, or Magnum Opus, in the classic alchemical and philosophical meaning:

The orb will progress through the four classic alchemical stages:
Nigredo: blackening: corruption, dissolution, individuation.
Albedo: whitening: purification, burnout of impurity; the moon.
Citrinitas: yellowing: spiritualization, enlightenment; the sun.
Rubedo: reddening: unification of man with god, unification of the limited with the unlimited.

The piece was primarily conceived in Maya, with post production done in Adobe After Effects. The audio component was composed in Supercollider with editing done in Audacity.