Solve ET Coagula



Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects

Solve Et Coagula (Separate and Join Together) is a proposed interactive installation that uses abstract 3d projection to interpret genetic traits as alchemical archetypes.

The installation is housed in a dome that contains seating for a large crowd of observers, an ornate 3d projector, an array of textured mirrors and a podium where the participant is scanned. The dome interior and floor are a polished, reflective material that adds to the overall effect of the spherical dance.

The participant begins by stepping up to a podium that contains a dual laser micro array scanner, which is capable of painlessly extracting DNA micro arrays in seconds. A participant's genome is scanned and analyzed. The diploid cells (cells that have two homologous copies of each chromosome, one from the father and one from the mother) containing all of the genetic traits of the participant are reinterpreted into a spherical pas de deux. Aspects of the sphere's motion states such as color, size, rotation, glow and translation are determined by the presence and relationship of certain dominant/recessive gene characteristics.

**Scroll down to view and excerpt of the piece. To view the excerpt in 3d, it is necessary to use a Loreo Pixi parallel format (side-by-side) 3D image viewer or any other parallel format viewer. Solve Et Coagula was originally optimized for a standard definition system (e.g DepthQ at 1600x800 resolution).