Silent Accomplice



Adobe After Effects, Supercollider

Silent Accomplice is an audio, video and dance piece that was created through a three-stage collaborative cycle.

The audio component is an abstract war landscape that was created in both Supercollider and Common Music programming environments. The recorded sounds were derived from toys and harmless machines used to improve our everyday existence. The recordings have been transformed into sound-images that evoke artillery shelling, aircraft, war machines and screaming anguish.

The recordings for this piece came from several diverse sources. The primary sound that undergoes transformation is a balloon that was popped in a richly reverberant environment. This sound is heard initially in its raw form, and then transformed into various textures. Supplementary sounds used for the landscape were derived from different machines and processes recorded in a power plant. These machines included a high-frequency analyzer, a heat-exchange cooling tower, large air compressors and a 30-foot turbine. Also sampled are various Cold War-era toys.

Alice Gosti composed and performed the dance component based on her interpretation of the audio piece. The video and post-production was then informed by her performance.