20 Foot Canvas



Processing, iPad, 18-panel LCD wall, PQ Labs touch overlay

20 Foot Canvas is an interactive painting application for the NEC Wall at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) and an Apple iPad.

The NEC Wall, a matrix of LCD displays with an infrared touch overlay, is the largest multi touch of its kind in the world. Using the iPad paint palette, users can mix paint and select brushes and pencils, then apply the paint or pencils to the wall using hands, fingers or traditional brushes.

The Wall can detect up to 32 touches at one time, so many artists can collaborate on a large painting, up to 8160x2304 pixels, which is 18.8 megapixels (8 times HDTV).

This project was a collaboration between myself, Karan Chakrapani, Arthur Nishimoto, Philip Pelosi and Todd Silvia.

20 Foot Canvas has been featured in several publications, including Engadget and Medill Reports Washington.