ART | 2006


Adobe After Effects, Max/MSP

LURK is an audio/visual installation.

The audio was spatialized using a MAX/MSP patch that combines three space coordinates and a frequency to synthesize accurate binaural signals from a monaural source to generate HRTF (Head-related transfer function) sound object localization.

While initially presented as an installation, LURK was also designed to be a web-based piece that can be experienced in any dark room using a computer, monitor and enclosed stereo headphones. LURK utilizes a video component that is meant to support a primarily aural experience. Certain visual themes serve as introduction and foreshadowing to the audio component.

LURK evokes ancient human memory of our existence as a forest creature living in constant fear and hyper-vigilance. This theme is expanded to portray humans as creatures inhabiting a far more dangerous environment, that of the modern city. The viewer experiences various sensations of movement and encounters sound textures, objects and environments.

Please note: Due to the nature of the spatialized audio, it is necessary to wear enclosed stereo headphones when viewing LURK.