The Far Dark Shore



Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, HD Stereo Cameras

The Far Dark Shore is a stereoscopic video with composited stereoscopic computer graphics.

Created with Maya 3d modeling/animation software and a high-definition (HD) stereoscopic camera apparatus, this piece is the product of a year long cycle of research that has been focused on the implications of digital media (such as film and computer animation) attaining the power and relief of sculpture.

The Far Dark Shore explores the space that exists in stereoscopy--the space behind the screen, the space existing at the screen plane and the space between the screen plane and the viewer. The Far Dark Shore features dancer Heather McKee portraying a young woman encountering her mortality through her relationship with orchid blossoms.

To view the thesis document component of this project, click here (PDF document, 3.2 mb)

**Scroll down to view and excerpt of the piece. To view the excerpt in 3d, it is necessary to use a Loreo Pixi parallel format (side-by-side) 3D image viewer or any other parallel format viewer. The Far Dark Shore was originally optimized for either a high-definition projection system (e.g. Christie LX1500 at 3840X1080 resolution) or a standard definition system (e.g DepthQ at 1600X450 resolution).