The Fall Beyond Tomorrow's Life

ART | 2011


Processing, Supercollider, CNC mill, wood, water, speakers

The Fall Beyond Tomorrow's Life is an interactive environment that unites water and sound.

The impetus of this project was the investigation of water as an interface for the creation of sonic events.

The primary components of the piece are a volume of water, a hexagonal multichannel speaker array and a computer vision apparatus. The computer vision component is positioned above the volume of water and captures the motion of the surface of the water using Processing, which is then translated into spatialized sound via Supercollider. The volume of water is an analog of the room in which it is placed--interaction in specific areas of the volume cause sounds in a corresponding area of the room.

This piece was completed as the primary component of my Master of Fine Arts research in Electronic Visualization/New Media Arts at the School of Art and Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The thesis document component of this project here (PDF document, 10 mb).